Early childhood

Thank G-d, we have been privileged to establish a daycare center for children aged 3 months – 3 years, believing that the child’s first years are very significant for the rest of his life.

In the “League of Maon” prevails a unique atmosphere, a genuine incubator that grants babies an abundance of love and instills them with values of Torah and ‘Derech Eretz’, respect for others combined with a professional response to the developmental and motoric needs of children of tender age.

The high-quality educational approach, together with the hot and nutritious food that is cooked daily in the daycare’s kitchen, as well as the many classes held for each group: rhythmics, animals and even reflexology, provide the children with the ability to grow and develop a positive self-image, readiness for learning, creativity and independence and fills them with inner joy of life.

The daycare center has, thank G-d, acquired a good reputation throughout the city and a large number of parents are interested in registration. However, the institution is currently unable to accommodate additional children beyond the community and the neighborhood and all the classes and groups are full.

The Chabad House also operates a network of kindergartens.

The importance and necessity of education:
In contrast to the mistaken view that the beginning of education is when the child reaches the age of five and six, everything a child sees and hears from the moment he comes out into the world has an important and decisive effect on his entire life. ‘Torat Emet’ (the Torah of Truth) states (and recently it has also been recognized by the wisdom of medicine and psychology) that ‘even before the boy can read’ (Isaiah 8: 4) and even before he begins to speak, everything he sees and hears is engraved in his memory. Therefore, it is important to make sure that he will see only pure things, matters of goodness and holiness.

(The Lubavitcher Rebbe, ‘Hitvaduyot’ 5744, Vol. III, p. 1429)