The community’s families and institutions are mobilized for a sacred mission – to serve as an regional center for spreading the light and vibrance of Chabad teachings and philosophy, to all groups and sectors in the neighborhood, in accordance with the Rebbe’s teachings and directives.

Naturally, the main path for forming the community and developing and conducting the activity is the synagogue – Chabad House.

Thank G-d, there is no lack of synagogues in our neighborhood. There are more than thirty of them… However, our synagogue was not established and founded only to have a Chabad minyan, and that is not why we are investing so much physical and mental energy in it. Our synagogue has a purpose, to be a home for the spreading of the ‘light and vibrance’ of Chassidus.

It is especially those who study Torah and observe mitzvot who need and long for Chassidic vitality and warmth – for the Chassidic ‘soul’, which gives a new flavor to their service of Hashem, which introduces an authenticity into the observance of the mitzvot, which elevates Torah study to enormous depths and heights.
These are not just aspirations and the heart’s desires. This is the reality. The doors of our Chabad house are never locked, they are open to every Jew, and those who enter never feel like a foreigner or stranger, rather he finds his place in this house, he sees it as his home.

Look at the growing crowds, during the prayers, the chassidic gatherings, the Torah classes in ‘Nigle’ and Chassidus, on Shabbat and weekdays – all these clearly testify: This Chabad House is a home for the soul, a spiritual lighthouse that spreads Torah and Chassidus to the entire neighborhood’s population, consisting of different communities and ethnic groups, by recognition and empowerment of the common and connecting denominators between all of us, all being children of the nation of Israel, Jews in whom a divine soul throbs.