Children’s activities

“Tree, Oh tree, with what should I bless you?… Your fruit is already sweet, your shade is plentiful, a spring of water runs beneath you… that all the trees planted from your seeds should be like you…”

It is clear to us, that it is impossible to plant roots and grow a thriving, strong and warm community without placing as our top priority maximum efforts in the future generation, children and youth.

Accordingly, the community’s highest quality resources are devoted to nurturing values and educational endeavors among the community’s children and youth from the entire neighborhood, in the spirit of the Chassidic-Chabad outlook.

During the week, we run frameworks for learning ‘Mishnayos’ off by heart, social games, and on Shabbat we conduct a special minyan for the ‘Tzivos Hashem’ children, study sessions for fathers and sons – repeating what has been learned during the week at school, and of course rewarding the children who work hard, learn and get tested with points, prizes and lotteries, and special trips for those who excel in perseverance and diligence with Derech Eretz and Ahvas Yisrael.

All this is in addition to the events and huge gatherings for children in the huge plaza of the neighborhood’s shopping center on special days and holidays around the circle of the year: Lag B’Omer parade, Chanukah performances, Purim parties, etc.